Micro-enterprise Owners’ Loyalty Towards Their Favourite Bank: A Conceptual Framework

Jati Kasuma


A loyal customer costs less to retain than acquiring a new customer. Loyal customers stick to the same service provider for a longer time period. Thus, the ultimate aim of the management of any organisation must be to create an emotional bonding with the customerto a level of much more than business considerations, to be able to sustain the loyalty for a long period of time. A number of service providers are available for any organisation for anything it requires, particularly in banking and financial institutions. The choice of the micro-enterprise as banks business client is influenced by a number of factors such as Service Quality, Reputation and Relationship with a brand or an organisation. Apart from that, there are a number of other factors which can affect the choice of a service provider such as factors based on emotional considerations particularly cultural elements. This paper integrates previous research in the field of customer loyalty to present a conceptual framework of micro-enterprises owners’ loyalty and its underlying drivers. Implication for the future research directions is also presented.


micro-enterprises, SMEs, loyalty, ethnicity, religiosity

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