Dimas Agung Trisliatanto, Windijarto ., Sutinah .


Competency can be defined as behaviors that were shown from employees who have the potential to work perfect consistently and effectively compared with the potential working averagely. PT. Aneka Regalin-do is a company engaged in manufacturing furniture which to develop a competency model that integrates with benchmark the competency development model in performing their duties and responsibilities effective-ly. The method of this study used is descriptive qualitative. The results of this study explains that the compe-tency development model based on performance orientation and team work can be identified, analyzed and then created a model of competency development relevantly and significantly to overcome the problems of human resources in the rattan unit of PT. Aneka Regalindo.


Competency, competency development, competency development model, performance orienta-tion, team work

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