Meningkatkan Komitmen dan Kepuasan untuk Menyurutkan Niat Keluar

Sumarto Sumarto


Basically all of the organization or company always reduce rate of the employee turnover intention, especially which voluntary, expert, and senior. The height of the employee turnover intention from the organization or company as cost dissipation to be compared with benefit. Generally, voluntary turnover much occur on high performance employee, so inflict financial loss for company or organization. Most of employee which voluntary turnover can be specified as avoidable voluntary turnover and unavoidable voluntary turnover. Avoidable voluntary turnover in consequence of like salary, job condition, and superior. Similarly, unavoidable voluntary turnover in consequence of such as the career path change and family. This research aim to analyse relationship of organizational support, job involvement, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention. Base on research purpose, primary data be applied in this research. Research population are employee from 3 bigest EMKL company in Surabaya which consist of 556 employee. From all of the population they are 150 employee be appointed as sample. As respondent, the employee are met when they are finished lunch and in relaxation, during research period. Only 126 units data which can be analyzed by using SEM. Result of the research indicates that there are significant influence from: job involvement to job satisfaction, job involvement to organizational commitment, job satisfaction to organizational commitment, organizational commitment to turnover intention, job satisfaction to turnover intention. There are two relationship which not significant. Those from organizational support to job satisfaction and organizational support to organizational commitment. This research can be concluded that turnover intention can be reduced through: a) made go up job involvement to increase job satisfaction, and then organizational commitment go up, finally turnover intention go down, b) made go up job involvement, and then organizational commitment go up, finally turnover intention can be reduced. Detail about result of research will be studied at further explanation.


keterlibatan kerja, komitmen organisasi, dukungan organisasi, kepuasan kerja, niat keluar

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