The Influence of the Morale and the Commitment of Administration Staff Towards the Organizational Citizenship Behavior and its Impact Towards Service Quality Performance at Private Universities in Surabaya-Indonesia

S. Pantja Djati, Michael Adiwijaya


The purposes of this research are to analyze the influence of the employee morale and the commitment towards the Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and its influence towards the quality of service performances. The population of this research is divided into two parts, firstly the administrative employees at private universities in Surabaya which have students over 5000 and secondly the students who are being serviced or had been serviced directly by the administrative employees. The research findings revealed that the quality of services for student, which are delivered by the administration staffs at private universities in Surabaya, is good. The OCB, the morale and the commitment of administrative staffs at private universities in Surabaya are good enough. Moreover, the moral and the commitment of the employees have significant influence towards OCB which later also influence the service quality performances.


morale, commitment, organizational citizenship behavior, quality of services performances

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